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Training Process \ Methodology
Layout of Programs
The Training Process

Conducting a thorough need assessment of the organization so as to capture the details of the training requirement.

Compiling the corresponding research information to ensure that the training program hits the bulls eye.

Customizing the training program as per the client’s needs so as to deliver maximum benefit to them

Getting the course contents & methodology signed off by the clients

Assessing the participants through scientific interviewing tools and preparing an in depth pre-training assessment report ( as and when required by the training program / client)

Training Delivery

Measure Participants learning and feedback during training

Conduct Training evaluation 2-3 months after training date ( Through interviews, projects or assignments) to measure progress and submit a detailed report to the client ( if required by client)

Training Methodology:

Conventional Methods:

You learn the nuances and subtleties of the subject at hand with ease through:

Interactive Classroom Training
Lively dialogues
Question answer and brain storming sessions
Live case studies
Energisers & ice-breakers
Group Discussions
Audio / Visual inputs
Individual / Group Assignments
Psychometric tests ( As and where required)

Management Games / Role Plays:

Management Games & Role Plays help to bridge the gap between "Knowing & Doing", "Insight & Action" thus pushing you to hear more, see more, feel more and act more. The participants are thus aligned with the concepts being taught and feel more alive as the exercise inspires enthusiasm for learning. The exercises are designed to involve all types of learners:


Experiential Learning

Our Outdoor Experiential Learning Division has been designed to tackle some of the most pressing issues in organizations.

The objective of Outbound Training is to focus on the overall physical and mental development of the trainee through experiential approach towards education. There has been tremendous growth in outdoor education during the last few years due to its immediate results and continued effectiveness.

In our residential outdoor training programs, we replace the participants’ typical home or work environments and take them on a journey into the nature, where the earth, skies and mountains serve as their black boards and power point presentations are replaced by self serving physical and mental assignments. The outdoor experience is a key condition for outdoor activities to become learning experiences; the unfamiliar environment facilitates participants in developing new perspectives about themselves and their normal environments.


All Training sessions to be delivered in English, Hindi or Marathi as required for the complete and in depth understanding of the target audience

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