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Secrets of the Rags to Riches Phenomenon- Shreemantiche Rahasya  ( Marathi Full Day Workshop)

This full day workshop, is aimed at creating an entire generation armed with a strong financial intelligence. The revolutionary ideas presented in this workshop help shatter several myths about wealth and help every participant develop a strong foundation for building financial success. The workshop shows you the secrets of wealth management followed by rich people and organizations across the world and gives you practical ways of implementing the same in your life. This along with the simple rules and strategies regarding savings, investments, tax management and the principles of wealth compounding will ensure that you are able to create, harness and manage wealth like never before.

Born to Win - Jinknyasaathi Janm Aapula (Marathi 3 hour Seminar)

Coherent with Evolve’s core belief, that ‘Man is Born to Win’, this program seeks to empower people so that they can recognize and harness the true potential lying within each of them. The program inspires people to always strive for the best in their personal, professional and social lives and never ever settle for mediocrity. In this program, Yusuf takes people on an emotional journey where people learn to recognize the difference between just seeing and believing, between mere interest and passion, between a forecast and a vision, between good enough and excellence! Through his entertaining style of story telling and anecdotes, Yusuf gets people to completely turn around their attitudes and unleash the giants within.

You are the Architect of your Destiny - Maajhe Yash Maazhiya Haathi (Marathi Full Day Workshop)

This full day workshop is aimed at enabling participants to design and then implement a blueprint for the successful life that they have always dreamed of. By enabling people understand that ‘what you believe is what you get’, Yusuf shows people that they themselves hold the keys to the paradise that they have always wanted. Starting with the strengthening of various elements of one’s personality, the program goes on to help participants see the unlimited potential lying all around in the world and then helps them focus on getting what tney want from all this abundance. Interactive sessions, games, effective audio visuals and innovative exercises help people first dream big dreams, turn those dreams into practical goals with deadlines and then actually work out smart ways and practical ideas of turning those goals into reality.

Smile & the world will smile with you - Hasatmukhi Sadasukhi (Marathi 3 hour Seminar)

This is a program that enlightens your soul & uplifts your spirit. It reveals the mantra for a happy, prosperous & satisfied life. It open’s up ones mind to an attitude that can overcome any kind of stress & strain. Hasatmukhi sadasukhi is an experiment that changes your outlook to all hurdles and hassles in life. The program provides a prescription with capsules/ ways to have a successful & healthy mind & soul. Not only do you experience the music, the wit and the sheer fun, but the profound insights and wisdom. A moving and memorable occasion for all present.

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