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Leadership Skills Series

Developing Leadership Skills

Understanding the difference between a mere manager and a leader
Learning the important traits, habits and skills of an effective leader
Understanding the importance of and the responsibilities associated with being a leader and role model
Imbibing the skills of motivation, people management, conflict resolution, decision making, performance management, feedback & change management
 Learning the various leadership styles and how to use each style to your advantage

The Six Thinking Hats

Understanding the need and importance of situational leadership
Understanding the different leadership styles through the six thinking hats
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each style
Learning to integrate the six leadership styles into your personality
Learning when, why and how to use each style to your advantage

Conflict Management & Decision Making

Understanding the anatomy of a conflict – When, why and how a conflict occurs
Learning to isolate the person from the problem
Learning to shift paradigms while resolving conflicts
Understanding that people come and go, it is problems that persist – thus resolutions to conflicts should be adaptable to changing times & people
 Understanding that not making a decision is also a decision
 Understand the losses caused by procrastination
 Mastering the art of decision making

Client Interaction Skills

Understanding the need & importance of Client Interaction Skills
Learning to promote a qualitative image of your organization
Learning to maintain a positive & open frame of mind during client interactions
Learning the importance of personal hygiene, grooming and presentation
Learning business etiquette and rules for written and verbal communication
Effective non verbal communication and active listening
Empathy- the key to a customer’s heart
Learning to win client trust and loyalty
Handling difficult situations and difficult clients

Effective Feedback Skills

Understanding the need and importance of feedback
Understanding the different feedback styles and their impacts
Learning to create a positive change through feedback
Understanding the importance of follow up and support along with feedback

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