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Performance Enhancement Series

Communication Skills

To understand and appreciate the process of communication as an important constituent of professional effectiveness
understand oneself and improve interpersonal skills
Exposure to communication concepts
Diagnose and circumvent barriers to communication
To gain confidence and honing presentation skills

Business Writing Skills, Telephone \ Email Etiquette

Understanding the importance of email & telephone etiquette
Learning how to build the right image for the organization through written and verbal communication
Important Dos and Don'ts in written and verbal communication
Understanding the importance of using right salutation, punctuation, signatures and syntax in emails
Understanding the importance of voice modulation, sign posting, pitch, tone & speed while communicating over the telephone
Handling difficult customers & clients

Presentation Skills

How basic communication occurs
Understand the need for effective presentation skills
Understand different kinds of learners
Understand the prerequisites of an effective presentation
Understand the dynamics of an effective presentation
Learn to effectively use the space, media and other objects around us to convey the message strongly  

Time Management

Identify your personal attitudes toward time management
Discuss key steps in planning / prioritizing
Recognize internal / external time wasters
Enhance your time management skills
Gain more control and increase your efficiency by identifying your personal roadblocks
Learn a personal process for taking charge and doing what really matters

Customer Service

Understanding the need & importance of Customer Service Skills
Learning to promote a qualitative image of your organization
Learning to maintain a positive & open frame of mind during customer interactions
Empathy- the key to a customer’s heart
Understanding that what the customer says may not always be right, but their feelings always are!
Mastering the art of communicating with the customer
Active listening & effective non verbal communication
Learning to win customer trust and loyalty
Handling difficult situations and difficult customers
Moving from customer satisfaction to customer delight

Stress Management

‘What is Stress’
Analyse the various types of stress
Understand the causes of stress
Learn to recognise the symptoms of stress
Understand the different stressors in today's world
Learn to cope with stress

Interview Techniques

How to prepare for interviews
Self analysis and awareness is the key to winning in an interview
Understanding the different types of Interviews
Learning what is the interviewer trying to gauge and how to satisfactorily  answer their queries
Learning to maintain calm and composure during stress interviews
Using body language as a powerful tool
Communicating effectively during Interviews and creating a positive impact

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