Audio Training Programs
1.  Pakar Rahunga Apani Manzil (Hindi Audio Training Program)

Goal –The Soul of Success

This program imbibes the need and importance of Goal in life stating the “Purpose of Life is the Life of Purpose.” Without destination one reaches nowhere. It explains with examples the seven D’s of setting and getting Goal i.e.1) Dream 2) Desire 3) Direction 4) Determination 5) Dedication 6) Discipline and 7) Deadlines. Without underestimating the need of hard work it emphasizes the importance of setting the “SMART” goal and working the smart way. It also gives you the “ASK” formula to develop an Attitude that is positive, to master Skills and to enhance Knowledge that will enable you to reach your goal with ease and efficiency  

 Also available in Marathi: Dhyas Dhyeyacha- Marg Yashacha (Marathi Audio Training Program )

Price: Rs 200 – Please see note below for delivery charges and related details)

2. Dyas Deyacha - Marg Yashacha (Hindi Audio Audio Training Program)

Power of Positive Attitude

This 60 minutes CD illustrates in simple and lucid way how our attitude governs our actions and rules our life. It makes us aware of the fact that we are the architects of our destiny. We can decorate it or destroy it . It shows that positive attitude helps us to turn adversities into opportunities by converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones. It teaches us how to love, like and enjoy our work so as to lead the lovely and luxurious life we have always dreamt of. In this programme, Yusuf delivers from the heart, with warmth, wit and wisdom. He reminds us clearly that we can make choices even under tough circumstances and that we can overcome adversity by celebrating what we learn from it.

Also available in Marathi: Drushti Tashi Srushti  ( Marathi Audio Training Program)

Price: Rs 200 – Please see note below for delivery charges and related details)

3. Yashavi Vikretyache Rahasya-Part 1 & 2 (Marathi Audio Training Program)

Secrets Of Successful Salesman

This audio training programme presented as a combination of two CDs, discloses the Secrets of a successful salesman in any field. It tells us that salesmanship is a golden combination of art and science that can be mastered by anybody with sincerity and seriousness. Positive attitude, selling skills and up-to-date knowledge are the three pillars of successful selling. Knowledge of the customer’s needs and expectations is the first step towards closing a sale successfully. A successful salesman treats his customers not as the king but in effect worships them as god and therefore gets blessed with their business. Yusuf believes that salesmanship consist of not only presenting the product or service but presenting oneself pleasantly, powerfully, and persuasively. He talks about sales strategies and style awareness.

Price: Rs 200 – Please see note below for delivery charges and related details)

4. Suyash,Sukh Va Samruddhichi Saath Sutre

This audio training programme presented as a combination of two CDs, gives you the mantra to live a positive, happy and stress free life. The program emphasizes the fact that life is but an opportunity to enjoy the abundance of each and everything in the universe, be it love, happiness or success. It helps us move away from our stress full lives and immerse ourselves into a way of joyful living. 

5. Secrets of Super Sales Star - Hindi Video CD

 This Video CD unleashes the secrets of salesmanship & marketing thus paving the way towards becoming a Star Performer. Its down to earth & Pratical approach towards the complex issue of selling makes it a must see for every sale & marketing personnel who want to break the barriers & move ahead in Life as a top salesman. The concepts if brought in practice will surely revolutionise a person's mind aspiring in excel in Sales. It can be used by sales person inany sector be it Insurance, MLM, Banking, Real Estate, Retail, FMCG, Telecom, Educational or social organisation etc.. 

 Price: Rs 200 – Please see note below for delivery charges and related details)


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