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Founder Director – Mr Yusuf Pathan

 Yusuf Pathan is one of India’s most sought after self-development speakers. A master in humor, inspiration and motivation, he is a towering personality, a dynamic and entertaining speaker with magical powers to inspire audiences toward peak performance and achieving dizzy heights. He believes that "A MAN IS BORN TO WIN"

He is setting up milestones in the field of training and development & addresses more than 5000 men and women each year on the subjects of personal development, including teams from numerous corporates, employees of private & government organizations, students from various schools & colleges, several NGOs & Rotary clubs. His inspirational talks and seminars on Goal Setting, Positive Attitude, Salesmanship, Time Management and Self-Development bring miraculous changes in an individual.

Yusuf Pathan a B.Com, LLB by education and the Founder, Director of Evolve Consultancy Services, has made a remarkable imprint on the hearts & minds of thousands of people. He is moving at Falcon’s speed towards being the epitome of Knowledge and Inspiration. He aims not only at inspiring people but also at building lives. His dynamic and engaging programs have won him lots of praises & accolades. His seminars ignite you and reveal the secret to becoming unstoppable. His workshops outline a simple process and help develop the traits that anyone can apply to create a meaningful life. They act as a springboard to launch your imagination, expand your perception and open new doors to possibility.

Yusuf has had successful career of 32 years in the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Through LIC he has gained rich experience in Personal & Industrial Relations, Sales and Marketing, Administration and Training & Development. He has spent the last 7 years of his career training high performers in LIC at Sales Training Center, Satara and the Zonal Training Center, Akurdi, Pune. This is what steered him toward the vision of building a fear free, confident, ambitious and empowered new generation. Yusuf Pathan has traveled and spoken across various regions of the nation. He is an avid reader in management, psychology & self-development, and he brings a unique thought process and style to his talks.

Yusuf Pathan is an inspiring author, a success strategist, an educator and a powerful motivator with a proven track record of achievement. As the orchestra's leader, it’s the conductor’s job to bring out the best in everyone, and Yusuf Pathan does it better than anyone. He presents a message both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

Yusuf Pathan displays a remarkable gift to touch people's hearts. He is the author / narrator of many best-selling audio / video training programs and books. Audience members leave his presentations with a compelling new understanding of leadership, teamwork and the keys to their own happiness and improved performance.

His mission: to support and encourage people to walk through their fears, in order to make significant changes in their lives. Yusuf awakens his audiences to the possibilities that already exist in every workplace, every home and every life. His participation plays a key role in heightening their awareness concerning the critical importance of undaunted Leadership. His thought provoking ideas resonate with participants in a very special way.

Yusuf Pathan underscores the need for openness, flexibility and courage of teams to challenge their assumptions and ways of working. People hear from a man who has lived his experiences, not just studied them. With his energetic and enthusiastic style, he teases out the importance of Focus, Innovation and Teamwork, which he relates to the business arena.

Through this forum, let us invite you to share the vision that Yusuf passionately believes in, that ‘we are all born to achieve something special in our lives and we all are equipped to achieve it as well. All that is required is focus, confidence in oneself, consistent dedicated effort and perseverance’. Let us take this opportunity to invite you to share Yusuf’s philosophy that every single Man is born to win, and let us take that first step towards our victory as individuals and organisations.’

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